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The problem

Do you know that online travel agents (OTAs) charge between 15%-30% commission on every booking? Many accommodation providers are forced to raise their prices, meaning you pay more. The only winner is the OTA, and we don’t think that’s fair. In most countries, they also make properties agree not to sell cheaper on their own website, which means there is virtually no price competition.

The solution

We only charge 8% commission per booking, which means accommodation providers have more money to spend on you, their guests. We also give our Bonanza Club members a discount every time they book, which we take out of our commission, meaning accommodation providers don’t pay a penny. We don’t mind what price our properties sell for on their own website either, because we want to work with them.

About us

The founders - Bhavin Swaly and Suzie Barber - have a background in the hospitality industry so have first-hand experience of the high commissions charged by the big OTAs. They are on a mission to build a new travel company that offers everybody a fairer and cheaper way to book accommodation online. Be part of something different and join our Bonanza Club now. Help us give you all a better deal.

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